Theatre Review: FRANKENSTEIN: AN IMMERSIVE SHOW – The Crypt, London

Despite some minor shortcomings, FRANKENSTEIN: AN IMMERSIVE SHOW is a play unlike any other.

4 out of 5 stars

FRANKENSTEIN: AN IMMERSIVE SHOW delivers a unique and immersive theatre experience masterfully crafted by Midnight Circle Productions. The play takes the audience on a journey through Frankenstein’s memories, exploring the creation of the monster, its devastating impact on his family, and the inherent risks of human connection. This immersive approach allows the audience to deeply connect with the characters, delving into their emotions in ways conventional plays seldom achieve.

Upon entering the venue, attendees are greeted by cast members in character, immediately setting the stage for Frankenstein’s narrative. Before the play commences, attendees are free to explore various rooms, examine props, and read letters that provide essential background information. The venue features a central room with smaller sets branching off, creating an authentic atmosphere.

The play unfolds at a deliberate pace, gradually revealing Frankenstein’s past and the events that led to his despair. Audience members are guided from room to room, following characters, engaging in conversations, and making choices about which events to witness. This innovative approach, encouraging multiple viewings, keeps the audience captivated and eager for what comes next.

The attention to detail in set design and prop selection is commendable, transporting the audience to the era of the play. The actors’ performances are outstanding, with Nadia Lamin’s portrayal of the monster, transitioning seamlessly from Frankenstein’s mother to the monster, being particularly noteworthy. While the play demands active participation, the lack of traditional seating doesn’t diminish the audience’s engagement.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Accessibility might pose an issue, as the Crypt’s location involves navigating steep steps, making it unsuitable for individuals with mobility challenges. Additionally, due to the play’s dark and violent themes, it’s deemed appropriate only for those above the age of 16. The inclusion of an interval disrupts the play’s flow, creating an unnecessary pause in the narrative.

Despite these minor shortcomings, FRANKENSTEIN is a play worth seeing and one unlike any other. Its innovative concept, meticulous execution, and unique adaptation make it a must-see experience.

FRANKENSTEIN: AN IMMERSIVE SHOW runs at The Crypt, London, until 14th October 2023