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GRIMMFest 2021: MIDNIGHT Film Review

Hae-yeon Kil and Ki-joo Jin in Midnight (2021)

Hae-yeon Kil and Ki-joo Jin in MIDNIGHT (2021)

Intense and action-packed, MIDNIGHT is a grim take on a cat and mouse plot, with enough twists and turns to have you on the edge of your seat throughout

5 out of 5 stars

Director and screenwriter Kwon Oh-Seung brings his debut feature film MIDNIGHT, a South Korean high suspense serial killer thriller, to Manchester’s GRIMMfest this week.

Set in the unlit and empty backstreets of South Korea, MIDNIGHT throws out a sinister twist and toys with film noir while highl...

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GRIMMfest 2021: NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN Film Review

Amelia Dudley and Taylor Turner in NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN (2021)

Amelia Dudley and Taylor Turner in NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN. Photo Credit: Mainframe Pictures

With first-class acting and off-the-seat scare moments, NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN will leave you questioning any upcoming hotel reservations you may have

4 out of 5 stars

Brothers and creative team Erik and Carson Bloomquist bring NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN to Manchester’s GRIMMfest to haunt your nightmares and are sure to leave you questioning that upcoming hotel reservation.

NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN follows Sarah (Amelia Dudl...

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#GrimmFest 2015: ANTISOCIAL 2 Film Review


Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald reunite for sequel ANTISOCIAL 2

When ANTISOCIAL hit the big screen back in 2013, horror fans around the world rejoiced. The zombie sci-fi thriller took social media satire to new level and its fantastically grim and gruesome ending left audiences crying out for more. No surprise then that Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald came back with a sequel ANTISOCIAL 2.

For those who have never seen the original, ANTISOCIAL tells the story of a social media computer virus th...

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#GrimmFest 2015: HELLIONS Film Review


HELLIONS makes Northern Premiere at GrimmFest 2015

Cult Canadian director Bruce MacDonald makes a welcome return to the horror genre with his latest film HELLIONS, a hallucinogenic Halloween shocker packed with striking imagery.

HELLIONS tells the story of 17 year old Dora (Chloe Rose), an average teenager who just wants to have fun with her boyfriend Jace (Luke Bilyk) on Halloween...

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#GrimmFest 2015: WE ARE STILL HERE Film Review


Ted Geoghegan’s WE ARE STILL HERE makes Northern Premiere at GrimmFest 2015

Ted Geoghegan pays homage to classic shockers of the 70s/80s with his latest horror, WE ARE STILL HERE.

WE ARE STILL HERE tells the story of Anne (Barbara Crampton) and Paul Sacchetti (Andrew Sensenig), a married couple who move to a new house in the country to try and put the trauma of losing their beloved son Bobby behind them.

The scene is set in an old house in the cold, wintery fields of New England as Anne and P...

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#GrimmFest 2015: THE NIGHTMARE Film Review


THE NIGHTMARE makes Northern Premiere at GrimmFest 2015

Ever had a nightmare? Now imagine being trapped in a nightmare, unable to escape! That is exactly what happens to the victims of sleep paralysis, the focus of Rodney Ascher’s new feature documentary THE NIGHTMARE.

THE NIGHTMARE follows the story of eight people who suffer from sleep paralysis, a terrifying condition in which the dreamer is locked within his or her own nightmare and is unable to wake up.

The feature documentary combines r...

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#GrimmFest 2015: TURBO KID Film Review

turbo kid

François Simard’s post-apocalyptic action horror TURBO KID makes Northern Premiere at GrimmFest 2015

It’s 1997, it’s a post-apocalyptic world and everyone rides a BMX, or if you’re a super bad-ass, a Chopper!

We start with the arm-wrestling champion Frederic (Aaron Jeffery of NEIGHBOURS, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE) an ox of a man who doesn’t mind winning the arm-wrestle against people / aliens (think WEIRD SCIENCE and you’ve just about got it) and then sticking their head on a scorching ...

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#GrimmFest 2015: HE NEVER DIED Film Review


Dark, gritty and seriously funny, HE NEVER DIED is an accomplished piece of work by Jason Krawczyk

Jason Krawczyk’s darkly funny and brutally violent HE NEVER DIED made its UK premiere at GrimmFest 2015, earning its place in the horror hall of fame as one of the best zombie/vampire films of the year.

HE NEVER DIED tells the story of Jack (Henry Rollins), an isolated loner and social outcast who spends his days sleeping, watching television and playing bingo with senior citizens...

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#GrimmFest 2015: BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS Film Review


When work literally sucks…

GrimmFest 2015 played host to the regional premiere of Brian James O’Connell’s savagely funny splatter-satire BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS last night.

Described as a mix between THE OFFICE and SHAUN OF THE DEAD, BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS tells the story of a dutiful and overworked employee stuck at whose new manager has a fairly extreme solution to increasing productivity.

Franz Kranz stars as Evan Sanders, acting Sales Manager at a soul-killing call centre who thinks he’s g...

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GrimmFest 2015: The Best of the Best

Grimmfest 2015

We take a look at the films that are sure to give you a fright at GrimmFest 2015

With just 12 days to go until GrimmFest North, it’s safe to say that we are pretty excited. The line-up for this year’s festival looks fantastic with a whopping 34 movies across four days, from chilling thrillers to extreme blood-spillers.

For those who have been living in hibernation for the past 7 years, GrimmFest North is a horror, cult and sci-fi film festival like no other...

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