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Blending gothic horror with morality, Matthew Xia’s adaptation of FRANKENSTEIN at the Royal Exchange stays true to Mary Shelley’s classic tale

FRANKENSTEIN at The Royal Exchange Theatre, Mancheste

FRANKENSTEIN at The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Blending gothic horror with morality, Matthew Xia’s gripping adaptation of FRANKENSTEIN stays true to Mary Shelley’s classic tale

It’s been two hundred years since Mary Shelley penned the dark, gothic tale FRANKENSTEIN. Since 1818, Victor Frankenstein and his macabre monster has captivated audiences across the world with the Royal Exchange marking the landmark anniversary with a new stage adaption directed ...

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THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES Review: Kendall Feaver's striking debut balances humour with emotional acuity

Julie Hesmondhalgh and Norah Lopez Holden in THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES. Photo: Manuel Harlan

Julie Hesmondhalgh and Norah Lopez Holden in THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES. Photo: Manuel Harlan

Powerful and thought-provoking, THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES is an impressive and striking debut by Kendall Feaver

It’s hard to believe that THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES is Kendall Feaver’s debut play. With its carefully crafted narrative, vividly drawn characters and emotional poignancy, this powerful and thought-provoking piece boasts the maturity of an established and experienced writer...

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Theatre Review: GUYS AND DOLLS – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Ashley Zhangazha as Sky Masterson and the cast of GUYS AND DOLLS. Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan

Ashley Zhangazha as Sky Masterson and the cast of GUYS AND DOLLS. Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan

Michael Buffong brings a unique twist to a timeless classic with GUYS AND DOLLS

Since GUYS AND DOLLS made its premiere on Broadway in 1950, the award-winning musical seen many revivals...

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Theatre Review: JUBILEE – Royal Exchange, Manchester

The cast of JUBILEE at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre

Toyah Wilcox stars in Chris Goode’s 40th anniversary production of JUBILEE

When Derek Jarman’s iconic film JUBILEE was released 1978, it captured punk at its dizzy height. Almost forty years later, Chris Goode remixes the wild and artistic piece for a new stage adaptation at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre.

JUBILEE takes us to a contemporary London squat where a time-travelling Elizabeth I (Toyah Willcox) observes the misadventures of a group of outcasts who make love and war in a lawl...

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Theatre Review: PARLIAMENT SQUARE – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

PARLIAMENT SQUARE at Royal Exchange Theatre

Shocking, gripping and thought-provoking, PARLIAMENT SQUARE is a powerful play about the fallout of political protest

It’s fair to say that playwright James Fritz is riding on a high. His debut play FOUR MINUTES TWELVE SECONDS was nominated for an Olivier Award before transferring to London’s West End and his follow-up play ROSS & RACHEL opened to critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015...

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Theatre Review: OUR TOWN – Royal Exchange, Manchester

OUR TOWN at Royal Exchange

Uniquely redefined for the present day, Sarah Frankcom’s revival of Thornton Wilder’s OUR TOWN is hauntingly beautiful

It is said that Thornton Wilder’s 1938 drama OUR TOWN is performed at least once every night somewhere in the world. Hardly surprising when you consider the Pulitzer Prize-winning depiction of ordinary life remains Wilder’s greatest and best-known work as a playwright.

Set between 1901 and 1913, OUR TOWN tells the story of Emily and George, two unremarkable teenagers g...

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Theatre Review: WE WERE TOLD THERE WAS DANCING – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester


WE WERE TOLD THERE WAS DANCING is a kaleidoscope of memories, people and experiences charting the changing attitudes to gay rights

Following the sell-out successes of THE FACTORY and NOTHING, the Royal Exchange Theatre’s award-winning Young Company return with a new original piece charting the shifting and stalling attitudes to gay rights.

WE WERE TOLD THERE WAS DANCING invites the audience to travel through space and time to experience what it’s like to fall in love with someone of the same...

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Theatre Review: PERSUASION – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

PERSUASION - Royal Exchange Theatre

PERSUASION is a fresh, bold and enjoyable reinterpretation of Austen’s final masterpiece

Following the bold reinterpretation of Aeschylus’s THE SUPPLIANT WOMAN, Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre’s Spring/Summer season continues to reshape and breathe new life into classic texts with its latest production of Jane Austen’s PERSUASION.

Written by Austen 1817, PERSUASION tells the story of the young Anne Elliot, who lost her chance at love when her family persuaded her to refuse an offe...

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Theatre Review: TWELFTH NIGHT – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Faith Omole (Viola) in RET Twelfth Night. Photo Credit: Jonathan Keenan

TWELFTH NIGHT is one of the best Shakespeare adaptations seen at the Royal Exchange in a long time

Funny, beautifully staged and well performed, Jo Davies’ adaption of Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT is a must-see piece at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre this spring.

Written by William Shakespeare in 1601/02 as a twelfth night’s entertainment for the close of the Christmas season, this 400 year old play is a comedy dis...

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Theatre Review: THE SUPPLIANT WOMEN – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester 


David Grieg’s reinterpretation of THE SUPPLIANT WOMEN fails to live up to the power and passion of Aeschylus’ 2500 year old play

Based on Aeschylus’ 2500 year old play and made new by David Grieg, THE SUPPLIANT WOMEN is a short choral movement in three acts. It tells the tale of 50 women who arrive in Argos, the land of their ancestral Gods, seeking refuge from forced marriage with their Egyptian cousins and the perils of their exile. 

To open proceedings, the cast hark back to the days of...

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