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Theatre Review: GYPSY – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Ria Jones as Rose in GYPSY.

Ria Jones as Rose in GYPSY at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Photo Credit: Johan Persson

“Everything’s Coming Up Roses” once again for the Royal Exchange with their wild and magnificent Christmas production of GYPSY

4.5 out of 5 stars

From GUYS AND DOLLS and SWEET CHARITY to THE PRODUCERS, it’s fair to say that Royal Exchange Theatre has a bit of a reputation for redefining Broadway musicals...

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Theatre Review: LIGHT FALLS – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Lloyd Hutchinson, Witney White, Rebecca Manley, Katie West & David Moorst in LIGHT FALLS

The company of LIGHT FALLS at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Photo: Manuel Harlan

Funny, emotional and wonderfully performed, LIGHT FALLS is a bittersweet, richly layered play about life in the face of death

4 out of 5 stars

After 21 years at the venue including four as Artistic Director, Sarah Frankcom says goodbye to Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre this month with another stunningly staged production about family, community and the fragility of life. 

LIGHT FALLS tells the story of a family, draw...

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Theatre Review: MACBETH – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Lucy Ellinson (Macbeth) in MACBETH

Lucy Ellinson (Macbeth) in MACBETH at Royal Exchange Theatre. Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Despite Lucy Ellinson’s nuanced and edgy performance, Christopher Haydon’s contemporary version of MACBETH ultimately lacks intensity

3 out of 5 stars

It’s fair to say that Sarah Frankcom’s tenure at the Royal Exchange has been a success...

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Theatre Review: THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Nisa Cole & Katie West in THERE IS A LIGHT

Nisa Cole and Katie West in THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT. Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan

Using 21st-century technology, THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT is a vivid and passionate production about the Luddites and how they helped inspire the birth of Manchester’s radical political identity

4 out of 5 stars

As with every tale of political unrest, many of the statements feel relevant to our current political climate...

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Theatre Review: WRESTLING THE WALRUS – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Leanne Rowley and Nik Wood-Jones in WRESTLING THE WALRUS

Leanne Rowley & Nik Wood-Jones in WRESTLING THE WALRUS. Photo Credit: Yvonne Roberts Photography

Merging live performance with film, animation, visual art and music, WRESTING THE WALRUS is a playful and poignant piece which will stay with you long after you’ve left the theatre

4 out of 5 stars

Following their win of the 2018 Hodgkiss Award, theatre company 154 Collective premiere their new play WRESTLING THE WALRUS this week at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre before transferring to the Yard in London an...

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Theatre Review: HOBSON’S CHOICE – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Tony Jayawardena as Hari Hobson in HOBSON'S CHOICE

Tony Jayawardena as Hari Hobson in HOBSON’S CHOICE. Photo Credit: Marc Brenner

Tanika Gupta breathes new life into Harold Brighouse’s classic comedy HOBSON’S CHOICE in this sharp and witty Ugandan-Asian adaptation

4.5 out of 5 stars

HOBSON’S CHOICE has become a bit of a fixture in theatrical repertoire. Since its premiere in 1915, the classic comedy has been revived and reimagined many times, with adaptions for film, TV and even a ballet...

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Theatre Review: WEST SIDE STORY – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Gabriela Garcia (Maria) & Andy Coxon (Tony) in WEST SIDE STORY.

Gabriela Garcia and Andy Coxon in WEST SIDE STORY. Photo: Richard Davenport of The Other Richard

Punchy, fresh and more relevant than ever before, Sarah Frankcom’s WEST SIDE STORY brings a whole new energy to the bona fide Broadway classic

5 out of 5 stars

Over the past few years, the Royal Exchange has been making a speciality out of reshaping classic musicals. From LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and SWEET CHARITY to GUYS AND DOLLS and THE PRODUCERS, the theatre has gained somewhat of a reputation for its fresh takes ...

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Theatre Review: THE PRODUCERS – Royal Exchange, Manchester

Julius D'Silva (Max Bialystock) & the Ensemble of THE PRODUCERS

Julius D’Silva (Max Bialystock) & the Ensemble of THE PRODUCERS. Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Combining satire with spectacle, Raz Shaw’s production of Mel Brooks’ THE PRODUCERS is outrageous for all the right reasons

With hits like LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, SWEET CHARITY and GUYS AND DOLLS already under its belt, the Christmas musical at the Royal Exchange is fast becoming a Manchester tradition...

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Theatre Review: THE MYSTERIES – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

From a sheep farm in Eskdale to a tourist information centre in Whitby, THE MYSTERIES effectively explores the landscapes that surround us but ultimately fails to inspire a dialogue

Whether you live in a big city like Manchester or a small valley like Eskdale, there is something rather special about living in a community. Where we live helps to shape who we are as people, as well as the stories we tell, as Chris Thorpe and Sam Pritchard’s THE MYSTERIES attempts to demonstrate.

Inspired by th...

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Theatre Review: DEATH OF A SALESMAN – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Don Warrington (Willy) and Maureen Beattie (Linda) in DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

Don Warrington (Willy) and Maureen Beattie (Linda) in DEATH OF A SALESMAN. Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Sarah Frankcom’s production of DEATH OF A SALESMAN is a multi-layered and fascinating reframing of an American classic

Following his critically acclaimed performance in KING LEAR, Don Warrington makes a welcome return to the Royal Exchange to take on Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

Set in late 1940s America, DEATH OF A SALESMAN follows Willy Loman (Warringto...

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