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Theatre Review: THE BEAR – Waterside Arts Centre, Manchester

Dazzling, dreamy and lavished with care, THE BEAR is children’s theatre at its best

Mention the name Raymond Briggs, especially at Christmas, and THE SNOWMAN will most likely spring to mind. So when Pins and Needles Productions announced they were to bring a Briggs classic to life on stage (following the success of FATHER CHRISTMAS in 2014), I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was THE BEAR that was to be adapted for stage.

Written by Briggs in 1994, THE BEAR tells the story of young Til...

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Theatre Review: UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON – Sale Waterside Arts, Manchester

Peter Pan is every child’s dream of never growing old, of always being a child and having the most amazing adventures. Mike Kenny’s reimaging UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON, brings that magic to life in a sparkling new production.

Told through the eyes of Wendy Darling, UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON, takes place in the back garden of Wendy’s home where three children, Wendy, Michael and John are having a sleepover in their Wendy house and find a Neverland of their own...

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The Puppini Sisters: The Highlife Tour – Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

The Puppini Sisters The Highlife Tour at Sale Waterside

Sleek, sassy & stylish, The Puppini Sisters re-workings of modern pop songs make for an evening of feel-good classics

To tie in with the release of their fifth studio album, The Puppini Sisters embark on new tour, bringing their fun and sassy vocals to venues across the UK including Sale Waterside Arts Centre.

Best known for their close harmony vocals, The Puppini Sisters made their name 10 years ago when their first album Betcha Bottom Dollar won a Gold Disc for international sales...

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Theatre Review: Move Over Moriarty – Sale Waterside Arts Centre

Move Over Moriarty by Lipservice at Sale Waterside Arts

Fast-paced, slick and funny, Move Over Moriarty makes a welcome return to the stage

Following the success of Inspector Norse and Withering Looks, satirical comedy duo LipService return as Holmes and Watson in a reprisal of their cult classic Move Over Moriarty.

Written by Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding, Move Over Moriarty follows super sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his dim sidekick John Watson as they investigate the Garibaldi Biscuit Affair, a case as impenetrable as a London pea-souper...

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