Theatre Review: THE EXORCIST – Opera House, Manchester

Eliza Capel (Regan) and Paul Nicholas (Father Merrin) in THE EXORCIS

Eliza Capel (Regan) and Paul Nicholas (Father Merrin) in THE EXORCIST. Photo Credit: TheOtherRichard

With more tricks than Houdini, THE EXORCIST is a nostalgic revival of the classic 1973 film, paying homage to its unique narrative and direction

3 out of 5 stars

All your favourite horror tropes are hitting the Opera House as audiences call on Damien to resurrect the Oscar-winning thriller.

The live rendition of the supernatural tale continues the battle between good and evil, following 12-year-old Regan (Susa...

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Theatre Review: AVENUE Q – Palace Theatre, Manchester

The cast of AVENUE Q UK Tour

Filthy, foul-mouthed and incredibly funny, AVENUE Q  is not the kind of puppet show you take your kids to see

4 out of 5 stars

As a long-time theatre reviewer, I’m ashamed to say that it’s taken me this long to see AVENUE Q. The Tony award-winning musical comedy first arrived in the UK back in 2006, spending two years in London’s West End before setting out on tour. Now, for the third time, AVENUE Q is back, with a new production directed and choreographed by Cressida Carré.

Best described as an X-rate...

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Bob Gale, co-writer and co-producer of BACK TO THE FUTURE. Photo: Phil Tragen

Bob Gale, co-writer and co-producer of BACK TO THE FUTURE. Photo: Phil Tragen

Co-writer and co-producer Bob Gale talks about bringing iconic 1980s film BACK TO THE FUTURE to the big stage as a new musical

From DIE HARD and DIRTY DANCING to ET and FERRIS BULLER’S DAY OUT, the 1980s is full of iconic movies that defined an era, no more so than BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Released in 1985, BACK TO THE FUTURE tells the story of teenager Marty McFly who is accidentally transported back to 1955 in a time-tr...

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Midge Costin at the BFI London Film Festival

Director Midge Costin talks to Frankly My Dear UK about MAKING WAVES: THE ART OF CINEMATIC SOUND and why sound is so important in film

From the buzz of the lightsabers in STAR WARS to the deafening silence in A QUIET PLACE, the importance of sound in cinema is undeniable. Yet, it is also an art form that is often forgotten about...

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Theatre Review: CURTAINS – Palace Theatre, Manchester


The cast of CURTAINS THE MUSICAL. Photo Credit: Richard Davenport

Poking fun out of the purest love, CURTAINS is a heartfelt celebration of the romance of musicals

3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s fair to say that the road to Broadway for CURTAINS THE MUSICAL has been nearly as fraught as that of “Robbin’ Hood”...

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BFI #LFF 2019: TELL ME WHO I AM Film Review

Inspired by the autobiography of the same name, TELL ME WHO I AM is a powerfully cinematic exploration of trauma, identity and redemption

3.5 out of 5 stars

Following the release of his Oscar-nominated documentary short BLACK SHEEP, director Ed Perkins returns to the big screen with his latest feature, TELL ME WHO I AM, a potent and moving examination of memory, trauma and personal responsibility.

Best described as part documentary, part theatrical play and part thriller, TELL ME WHO I AM tells the story of ide...

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BFI #LFF 2019: BAD EDUCATION Film Review


With a sharply written script and a career-best performance from Jackman, BAD EDUCATION is a deeply engrossing film which exposes just how far people will go to maintain their image

4 out of 5 stars

The Roslyn High School embezzlement scandal may have happened over a decade ago but in the wake of the current college admissions scandal in America that has put DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Felicity Huffman behind bars, Cory Finley’s eagerly awaited follow-up to his explosive debut THOROUGHBREDS couldn’t feel more ...

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BFI #LFF 2019: THE AERONAUTS Film Review

Felicity Jones in The Aeronauts

While THE AERONAUTS is an undeniably a technical marvel, its weakness lies within its storytelling

3.5 out of 5 stars

WILD ROSE’s Tom Harper makes a welcome return to the BFI London Film Festival with his latest feature film THE AERONAUTS, a heart-racing and breathless adventure about flight and scientific discovery.

Set in 1862, THE AERONAUTS follows budding meteorologist James Glashier (Eddie Redmayne) who believes that he can learn to predict the weather if can just get high enough in the sky to collect ...

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Using warm humour with a lightness of touch, THE PERFECT CANDIDATE is a family drama with a social commentary

3.5 out of 5 stars

Celebrated Saudi director Haifaa Al Mansour makes a welcome return to the London Film Festival with her latest feature THE PERFECT CANDIDATE, an inspiring drama about a young doctor unexpectedly becoming an electoral candidate.

Dr Maryam (Mila Alzahrani) is a young Saudi doctor working in a small-town clinic...

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BFI #LFF 2019: LYNN + LUCY Film Review

Deftly handled by Fyzal Boulifa, LYNN + LUCY is an atmospheric and intense drama that hooks you in from the get go

4 out of 5 stars

Acclaimed British shorts director Fyzal Boulifa presents a stark tale of female friendship tested by tragedy his impressive first feature LYNN + LUCY.

Inseparable at school and now living as neighbours and young mothers, Lynn (Roxanne Scrimshaw) and Lucy (Nichola Burley) have been friends their whole lives...

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