Theatre Review: DEATH DROP – The Lowry, Manchester

Featuring an international cast of famous faces, DEATH DROP is a colourful mash-up of murder mystery drama, energetic comedy and a refined panto musical, dusted with drag sparkle.

5 out of 5 stars

Arm yourself with sequins, put on those killer heels, and girl grab your wig because drag queen sensations are in town, and there is a murder on the loose.

Set in 1991 on the 10th wedding anniversary of Charles and Princess Diana, DEATH DROP follows a glorious mix of guests who are mysteriously invited to the elusive Lady von Fistenburg’s manor on the secluded Tuck Island.

As the high profile guests arrive for a dinner party like no other, they soon realise there’s more than just Viennetta on the menu as secrets, and entwined histories, become unravelled.

Following a successful run in the West End, this new all-drag cast holds their own as the caricature characters invited to the Lady von Fistenburg’s manor, dazzling the audience in their own unique way.

Vinegar Strokes in DEATH DROP

The energy of DEATH DROP is electric. Delightfully packed with recognised drag icons, the excitement is palpable as Lady von Fistenburg (Vinegar Strokes) beautifully bursts into the opening number setting the scene of what is to come. A colourful mash-up of murder mystery drama, energetic comedy and a refined panto musical dusted with drag sparkle.

Just as incredible as the script itself (by Holly Stars), the international cast of famous faces includes not one but four Ru Paul drag race stars.

Fresh out of US Drag Race, Wiliam plays pop-princess Shazza, whose acting delights just as much as her singing. Ra’Jah O’Hara co-leads playing fast-talking, high energy weather girl Summer Raines.

Supporting the line-up from Down Under’s Drag Race and in between stand up shows, Aussie Karen From Finance plays sassy journo Morgan Pierce, one hack who you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of.

The stage is also joined by the home-grown Drag Race talent Vinegar Strokes as the compelling the Lady of the manor.
All four are a joy to watch as they feed off the room’s energy, bouncing from the audience’s whooping cheers as they hit every comical line.

Holly Stars is the glue that holds this play together as the utterly hilarious Bottomley Sisters. As both stage star and playwright, Stars’ talents are endless, and it’s no wonder why the programme highlights her as ‘one of the UK’s hottest drag talents.’

Georgia Frost steals the show as the compelling sleazeball, Phil Marker, continuously offering up hysterical moments that drew you in and made you squirm simultaneously.

DEATH DROP is deadly hilarious and a smashing delight. If you enjoy laughing, quick-witted one-liners and drag stars racing for their life (quite literally), then you’ll love DEATH DROP.

DEATH DROP runs at The Lowry, Salford, until 16 October 2021.