Music Review: Tumbler – COME TO THE EDGE

Tumbler - Come to the Edge

With its poetic lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and solid vocals, COME TO THE EDGE is arguably Tumbler’s best album to date

Following their widely acclaimed debut album YOU SAID, British alternative rock/folk band Tumbler return with COME TO THE EDGE, their second full-length album in just two years.

Described as “The Cure meets Soul Asylum with a side of Dylan” by Review Fix, Tumbler is a British alternative rock/folk band from Epsom, England. The trio, comprising of Richard Grace, son Harry Grace and guitarist/producer Dave Needham, formed two years ago when Harry suggested recording some of his father’s material. Since then, the group’s fan base has quickly grown, with the band boasting more than 11,000 fans on Facebook.

COME TO THE EDGE is the second full-length album from Tumbler following the release of YOU SAID in 2015. The album features 12 brand new tracks which see Harry and Richard grow both as writers and performers. Unlike YOU SAID which had a raw, acoustic edge to it, COME TO THE EDGE delivers a more focused, developed sound, with many of the new songs reflecting the currency of togetherness.

The album opens with the catchy mid-tempo track BLACK SHEEP, the first of four tracks written by Harry Grace. With its catchy guitar solo and distorted vocals, this indie/pop track is reminiscent of English rock band Oasis, with the 90s Brit pop sound continuing on the raw and acoustic DON’T TAKE MUCH with its delicately chugging guitars.

Of the 12 tracks on the album, the stronger songs are those written by Harry. In addition to opening track BLACK SHEEP, WEEK stands out for its clever lyrics and clear sense of story, as does the dynamic FALLING, an up-tempo indie track about moment before you fall in love with someone.

Richard’s unmistakable writing style shines through in the quirky NOTHING TO HOLD YOU and the catchy mid-tempo SWEETEST THING. While his vocals aren’t as strong as his son’s, Richard’s blues and folk roots are evident here, with his gentle folk guitar arrangements and finely tuned sense of storytelling.

Fans of Tumbler’s first album should check out WINTER COLD HEART and DIAMOND IN A DRAWER, two folky and subtly psychedelic tracks, as well as JOANNE, a melancholy ballad with a beautiful piano accompaniment and electric guitar solo.

The closing track FREEDOM THE CRY is also worth a listen, with its wailing sirens quickly turning into a big guitar rock anthem and the longest track on the album at 06:08.

With its distinctive folk/indie sound and story-based appeal, Tumbler have clearly grown in the past year. With its poetic lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and solid vocals, COME TO THE EDGE is arguably their best album to date and a decent follow-up to their debut record YOU SAID.

COME TO THE EDGE by Tumbler is released on 26 July 2016 and is available on iTunes.