INTERVIEW: Sam Dickinson Talks About His New Track, Falling

Sam Dickinson talks about his new track, FALLING and his signing with global AEC Music

Sam Dickinson is back. The north-east singer has finally unveiled his new track, FALLING, his first since signing with global record label AEC music, and it is an absolute banger.

Reviews are already hailing FALLING as magnificent and Studio 54-inspired, and for dance tracks, the praise does not come much higher. FALLING is the first release since his lockdown album OFF SCRIPT and is worth the wait. It has everything you could want in a dance track, from a pulsating beat, a strong melody and above all, Sam’s unique voice. It conveys the feel of a club with heady self-assurance and has serious Ibiza vibes and within seconds, any listener will be drawn into a track you will want to listen to again and again. We predict a crowded dance floor whenever this is played.

It’s hard to believe that it is now ten years since Sam appear on the scene, and as well as opening for Louse Redknapp and The Falling, his celebrity fans include Graham Norton, who championed him on his Radio 2 show and both Alexandra Burke Gabrielle who he was set to open for before Covid struck. Gillian Potter-Merrigan from Frankly My Dear caught up with Sam for a little chat

Frankly My Dear (FMD): So Sam, you’ve got a new single AND been signed by a label, the global AEC Music – how did the signing come about?

Sam Dickinson (SD): To be completely honest with you, I have absolutely no idea! It came from nowhere, really. I’d been watching what those guys had been doing for quite a while and liked how their artists had the freedom to be themselves. We had a chat, and it went from there. I was ready to stop music for the foreseeable, I really went through a confidence crisis in my music and thought I’d wasted ten years of my life. Throughout the time, my band and people close to me really tried to talk me out of it, it wasn’t until I met the guys at AEC that I began to believe in myself again.

FMD: You’ve been playing consistently for a while now and audiences love you, so how was lockdown? Did it give you a wealth of songs?

SD: Lockdown. I did not enjoy the lockdown! I had so much lined up, including openings for Gabrielle, Alexandra Burke and Louise Redknapp. The promo lined up for my third album, ‘Off Script’, was banging! Then nothing. I decided to continue with the release of the album because I’m so proud of it. I did do some writing during lockdown, but I really missed being in the same room as people when writing. ‘Falling’ was the first post-lockdown song I wrote with the amazing Adam Dixon, who’s signed to Sony.

FMD: Moving to the new single ‘Falling’, which is an amazing track, where did that come from as it’s a bit of a departure from previous recordings?

SD: It is different, isn’t it? When I signed to AEC, I was looking back at some songs I had written but not released. I thought, ‘fuck it’, let’s just make sure people can dance like hell to this song. It was originally a dark, mellow track. I wanted to completely change the vibe! I also think I’m just a fan of music, there’s a huge difference from album one to album three, so why shouldn’t I keep changing it up?

FMD: You’ve cited a lot of musical influences, but who would you say are your main ones with this new direction?

SD: I absolutely adore Purple Disco Machine; I’d happily make him my husband! I think artists such as Syn Cole and Griffon also played on my mind when we created this track.

FMD: So can we expect a tour now?

SD: At the moment, I’m sorry to disappoint, but there are no plans to tour. It’s been ten years since I last toured, and I’m really missing it! But, when I do tour again, and I hope to in 2024, it has to be right and we have to be ready. I love performing live and I love that connection with my audiences.

FMD: Moving forward twelve months, where do you want to be musically?

SD: There’ll be an album out, called ‘Collection: The Stories’ and another album almost completed! I’m ready to just release music and enjoy everything about it.

FALLING by Sam Dickinson is released on 21 July 2022.