Music Review: The NaveBlues – THANK YOU

Thank You by The NaveBlues

The NaveBlues bring their unqiue sound to Led Zeppelin’s THANK YOU

Following the release of THE GHOST COLLECTOR and SEXY KISS earlier this year, Norwegian rock/blues group The NaveBlues release the third single from their self-titled album, THANK YOU.

Described as an “oasis” for the musical-masses, The NaveBlues are an indie rock/blues band from Bergen in Norway. Fronted by singer/songwriter Nave Pundik, the group take influence from rock, indie, alternative, funk and blues to deliver a new kind of sound that is uniquely different yet strangely familiar. Since their formation in 2009, The NaveBlues have become a popular live act in their native Norway and are already started to make waves across the water both in the UK and Europe.

THANK YOU is the third single from the seven track album THE NAVEBLUES and follows the release of THE GHOST COLLECTOR and SEXY KISS earlier this year. The unique and refreshing rendition of Led Zeppelin’s iconic track (which featured on Zeppelin’s second album LED ZEPPELIN II in 1969) combines instrumental rock with a distinctive blues and indie sound.

The NaveBlues cover of THANK YOU sounds very similar to the original Zeppelin track, retaining the drum intro and instrumental solos, as well as the intensity of the original. Pundik’s deep and distinctive vocals naturally suit the track, his vocal harmonies working particularly well when accompanied by a female singer towards the end of the track. The only disappointment is the occasional ad-lib which creeps into the track and sounds a little forced and out of place.

But perhaps the most striking feature of The NaveBlues cover is Pundik’s howling Blues Harp harmonica which replaces Jimmy Page’s guitar solo lead in the original. Pundik is clearly a talented musician, bending the harmonica’s deep, low notes to give the track an instant bluesy feel without neglecting its rock roots.

Accompanying the new track is a brand new music video. The NaveBlues are known for their visionary and provocative visuals and THANK YOU is no exception. The storyline for five minute music video comes straight from the imagination of a true sonic explorer, demonstrating how the power of music can transcend time and space.

Seen through the eyes of one of the first settlers on Mars in the year 2100, the video sees the female pioneer cycle through a range of emotions as she glances out of a magnificent wall-length window onto the lonesome grandeur of Mars. Unpacking items from her travel bag, the female traveller experiences pride and accomplishment to homesickness and regret, as she looks out at the starkly beautiful but incredibly isolated Martian landscape.

Keep your eye open for Pundik’s glittering harmonica (a recurring visual motif in The NaveBlues videos) which find its way into the travel bag and for the touching conclusion which sees a truly spectacular sunset on Mars.

THANK YOU by The NaveBlues is released on their self-titled album from 31 May 2016. You can buy the album The NaveBlues on Amazon and iTunes.

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