Film Review: Love Is Now – MANIFF 2015

Love Is Now

Love Is Now makes UK Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

From the outset, this on the road love story from Director Jim Lounsbury (The Fragment) is so much more than that. With complex interesting characters, a well thought out script, and stunning cinematography, Love Is Now is very much an artistic journey of love.

We start with a photographer, lacking in self-belief and motivation, called Dean (Eamon Farren) trying to find his way in life working out of a picture frame shop in down town Sydney. When a customer walks in who he is instantly attracted too, Audrey (Claire van der Boom) he manages to wrangle his way into her event showcasing some of her photos.

Instantly they hit it off and after spending the night together talking, it is clear that they have a strong connection and even at this early stage are beginning to fall in love with each other. While talking, it is discussed that one of Audrey’s passions is that she has always wanted to finish her journey that was cut short, to ride her bike from Sydney all the way through the Australian Bush. They decide to do this journey together, and this is where it start to twist & turn.

Off they go and soon you are beginning to understand that all is not what it should be. Flashbacks for Dean and him not feeling well make you query his health but also his real motives for being there. Audrey on the hand seems to be falling for someone else at the local orangery, this is where they are staying picking fruit, how can this be? The further the story progresses the more you really feel for Dean and what he could be going through. But, all is not what it seems..

The film has a superb soundtrack which was especially written for the film by the artist Kram from the band SpiderBait. This really does set the tone, superb highs & lows with a couple of tracks easily ready for releasing, this is another area of the film that just shows the quality of this production.

The ending without giving to much away really does confirm the well thought out complexity of the film which is handled in a caring and imaginative manner. Listening to Jim Lounsbury speak after the film, this picture has many real life influences and adds to the raw emotion that Dean feels during his journey, which to get done in 5 weeks (this is how long they had to shoot the film) I think is testament to the Director, Producers and the fantastic performances by all the cast.

Love Is Now is not your regular love story, however there is plenty on offer here to keep you involved with all the characters and the back story of the film. You will want to see it again if just to understand the reference earlier on in the film.

4 out of 5 stars

Love Is Now – Trailer