Canadian born comedian Craig Campbell is on top form for his 2018 tour EASY TIGER 

Craig Campbell 2018 Tour

Canadian born comedian Craig Campbell is on top form for his 2018 tour EASY TIGER

Canadian born comedian Craig Campbell was on top form for his gig at Salford’s The Lowry. Opening with a few jokes directed at Mancunians that were received in good spirits, Campbell seemed appreciative of the Manchester sense of humour and our ability to take those little taunts on the chin – although I’ve never glassed anyone in a pub, I swear Craig! 

Best known for his Edinburgh Fringe shows as well as his appearances on Michael Mcintyre’s comedy roadshow on BBC1, EASY TIGER marks Campbell’s third solo tour. With his unkempt appearance and abundance of facial hair, Campbell is a surprising sight, a cross between a hairy biker and Mr Twit. Taking to the stage in shorts and in what I assumed to be some odd looking underwear, Campbell certainly looked out of place on a snowy day in Manchester however his derision of our ‘Beast from the East’ – which he described as a mere breeze to someone from Canada  – perhaps explained his odd attire and avoidance of appropriate weather apparel.

Much of Campbell’s act involves talking about the differences between his native country and the UK, for example, how we are so ill-equipped in the UK to deal with the bad weather. In a witty sketch, Campbell jokes about how our schools close at the mere sign of snowfall but as a child in Canada he had to climb out of the window when the snow was feet deep and trek across icy rivers, narrowly escaping death to get to school. His delivery is anecdotal in style so quick-fire jokes and punchlines are not to be heard here, but clever and well-told stories spun in his very likeable manner keep the audience delighted throughout and wanting to hear more.

In another sketch, Campbell recounts memories of a trip to Norway trying to arrange a lunch date – there is a weird thing that the Norwegians do with the time (that makes no sense whatsoever) – again highlighting the idiosyncrasies between our various nations. His stories about his visit to Russia for a gig (complete with a respectable Russian accent) is also very entertaining. Apparently men who wear shorts in Russia are considered to be gay so our short wearing bear of a man had to put up with Moscowians pointing and staring due to his fondness for pants that finish above the knee. How odd!

On the whole, this is a highly enjoyable evening and Campbell is a very funny and affable man. The only disappointment was when the show ended. I’ll certainly be booking a ticket to see him again.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Craig Campbell EASY TIGER played at The Lowry on 18 March and tours nationally until 29 September 2018.