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Canadian born comedian Craig Campbell is on top form for his 2018 tour EASY TIGER 

Craig Campbell 2018 Tour

Canadian born comedian Craig Campbell is on top form for his 2018 tour EASY TIGER

Canadian born comedian Craig Campbell was on top form for his gig at Salford’s The Lowry. Opening with a few jokes directed at Mancunians that were received in good spirits, Campbell seemed appreciative of the Manchester sense of humour and our ability to take those little taunts on the chin – although I’ve never glassed anyone in a pub, I swear Craig! 

Best known for his Edinburgh Fringe shows as well as his a...

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Simon Evans GENIUS Review: Evans has the middle-aged audience eating out of the palm of his hand

Simon Evans 2018 Genius Tour

Simon Evans brings his unique style of comedy to the stage in his new show GENIUS

Best known for his appearance on TV programmes such as Michael Mcintyre’s comedy roadshow LIVE AT THE APOLLO and STAND UP FOR THE WEEK, comedian Simon Evans takes his Edinburgh Fringe Festival show GENIUS out on tour with a stop at Salford’s The Lowry.

Complaining about his thinning hair and the fact that he’s looking a lot older, Evans opens the show by discussing his age and how it is catching up with him...

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Theatre Review: HOT BROWN HONEY – HOME, Manchester

HOT BROWN HONEY at HOME, Manchester.

HOT BROWN HONEY at HOME, Manchester. Photo: Dylan Evans

Confronting and challenging perceptions of modern women, HOT BROWN HONEY is unlike anything you will have seen before

HOT BROWN HONEY is a group of six women who are out to make some noise – lots of noise! Throughout the show the audience are inspired to do the same.

Smoking hot, HOT BROWN HONEY confronts and challenges your perception of modern women in a performance which is unlike anything you will have seen before...

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#GrimmFest 2015: BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS Film Review


When work literally sucks…

GrimmFest 2015 played host to the regional premiere of Brian James O’Connell’s savagely funny splatter-satire BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS last night.

Described as a mix between THE OFFICE and SHAUN OF THE DEAD, BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS tells the story of a dutiful and overworked employee stuck at whose new manager has a fairly extreme solution to increasing productivity.

Franz Kranz stars as Evan Sanders, acting Sales Manager at a soul-killing call centre who thinks he’s g...

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Film Review: Many Beautiful Things – MANIFF 2015

Many Beautiful Things

Many Beautiful Things makes World Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

Lilias Trotter (1853-1928) was a budding talented and mainly self-taught artist who gave up the chance of fame and fortune for a life of obscurity because of her passion to serve God and to help the poor and needy. Many Beautiful Things is a film about the life of Lilias and explores, to an extent, the relationship between the artist and the famous Victorian Art Critic and social philosopher, John Ruskin.

The detail abo...

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