Theatre Review: UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON – Sale Waterside Arts, Manchester

Peter Pan is every child’s dream of never growing old, of always being a child and having the most amazing adventures. Mike Kenny’s reimaging UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON, brings that magic to life in a sparkling new production.

Told through the eyes of Wendy Darling, UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON, takes place in the back garden of Wendy’s home where three children, Wendy, Michael and John are having a sleepover in their Wendy house and find a Neverland of their own. The children introduce you to various Peter Pan characters but with a difference. Peter Pan is in green pyjamas, Tinkerbell is no more than a small green laser dot (although you are made to believe she really is a fairy) and the nasty Hook comes to life out of Father’s best dressing gown.

The performers Grace Lancaster, Jack Brett and Chris Draper ooze talent, not only for their singing, dancing and acting skills but also for their musicality, with all three playing their own instruments to make the performance even more enjoyable. Ivan Stott’s captivating score has even the youngest of children clapping along and tapping their feet, with a brilliant R&B tune performed by the mermaids standing out in particular as a highlight of the show.

But what makes UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON truly special is that the magic of this show proves that you don’t need modern technology to inspire a little imagination. With just a few fairy lights, some glitter and some wooden fencing shaped like roof tops, you really believe the children can fly and anything can happen.

Once again, tutti frutti prove that there is no limit to magic and imagination. A great family show for children 3+.

3.5 out of 5 stars

UNDERNEATH A MAGICAL MOON tours nationally and internationally until 31 December 2016