Theatre Review: HUSH HUSH – The Lowry, Salford

HUSH HUSH at The Lowry Artwork

When you visit the theatre to see a show you have booked it can still be a bit daunting. Perhaps you’ve seen the play performed by a different troupe. What if it doesn’t live up to that performance? What if it’s no good and you’ve paid a lot of money for your ticket? And that’s a show you know your going to watch. You know roughly what the performance is going to be about.

Now attend the theatre and not have a clue about what you will see…but this time you haven’t paid for the ticket.

That’s how the PWYD performance at The Lowry allows you to do. Reserve a ticket, show up, watch and then pay what you decide when you leave. It’s an interesting concept and one that helps bring new theatre to an audience that might not choose that particular genre but find they quite enjoyed it and might seek it out in the future.

HUSH HUSH was billed as just that. A secret show and one not to be missed. To begin it was difficult too gauge. A musician on stage dressed as a native Indian and a voice over with a shooting.

Three men appear and the show begins with a song and a dance and the cowboys take you through an exciting western.

Playing all the characters between them, it’s a mix of physical theatre, comedy and audience participation.

Extremely well performed, the beads of sweat on the guys foreheads is testament to how much effort they have put into the performance. Their interpretation of inanimate objects brings the story to life as they switch between characters in a Jim Carey Ace Ventura Pet Detective meets Dumb and Dumber kind of way.

A highly amusing hour of laughs and live movie soundtrack flys by and before you know it the play is over and it’s time to pay.

The Sleeping Trees are their name and earning your money is their game, and they certainly did earn it.

After a fantastic Edinburgh Fringe, and off the back of winning MERVIN STUTTER’S SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE AWARD, their live movie trilogy is on tour and coming back to The Lowry in March 2018 where you can catch all three shows MAFIA, SCI-FI and WESTERN. If it’s in the same vain as this performance it’s highly recommended.

4 out of 5 stars

HUSH HUSH performed at The Lowry on 6 October