The Hardest Marvel Comics Quiz You’ll Ever Take

 Marvel Quiz

Flex your Marvel credentials in The Hardest Ever Marvel Comics Quiz

Know your X-Men from your Fantastic Four? Your Spiderman from your Iron Man? Your Wolverine from your Dr. Doom? If so, we’ve got the ultimate Marvel quiz for you…

To mark the release of the new Marvel film Avengers: Age of Ultron, MorphCostumes (the company best known for their awesome licensed Marvel Morphsuits) has created the ultimate Marvel quiz.

Designed to challenge even the most avid Marvel Fans, The Hardest Ever Marvel Comics Quiz is exactly as it is describes – hard!

So if you think you know more about Marvel Comics than Martin Goodman and Stan Lee put together, put your knowledge to the test and let us know your score on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s time to flex your Marvel credentials…