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BECOMING ICONIC Film Review: Jonathan Baker’s documentary fails to live up to its initial promise

Jonathan Baker and Nicolas Cage in BECOMING ICONIC

Despite its intriguing concept, BECOMING ICONIC fails to live up to its initial promise

It is often said that if you want to be successful, copy those who have come before you. That’s the premise behind Jonathan Baker’s new documentary BECOMING ICONIC.

Exploring the perilous process of filmmaking through the eyes of some of Hollywood’s most iconic directors, BECOMING ICONIC sees Jodie Foster (LITTLE MAN TATE), Taylor Hackford (RAY, AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN), Adrian Lyne (FATAL ATTRACTION...

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Film Review: We Are Your Friends


Considering most Hollywood films about popular music tend to flop (think Village People’s Can’t Stop The Music, Mariah Carey’s Glitter and Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious), Max Joseph makes a bold move in his directorial debut with We Are Your Friends.

Working from his own screenplay, co-written with Meaghan Oppenheimer, We Are Your Friends tells the story of Cole Carter (Zac Efron), a struggling 23-year-old DJ who dreams of becoming a major record producer in the Los Angeles electronic da...

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Theatre Review: Saturday Night Fever – Opera House, Manchester


This review was originally written for The Public Reviews

Dust off your dancing suit and polish up your shoes because Saturday Night Fever is back in town!

Inspired by the 1977 film starring John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever tells the story of Tony Manero (Danny Bayne), a young man with one ambition – to become the disco king. He teams up with Stephanie (Naomi Slights), a young dancer who also dreams of a world beyond Brooklyn, and together they decide to train for a dance competition...

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