Scandal: Season 1 Recap


In anticipation for season three, we recap the key events from Scandal season 1 and 2

The wait is finally over. The third season of Scandal starts on Thursday 31 July on Sky Living and boy, are we excited.

Shonda Rhimes’ American political thriller has had us hooked from day one with its superb script, shocking storylines and excellent cast. And we’re not the only ones who think Scandal is one of the best dramas on TV. Since its premiere in 2012, the ABC drama series has accumulated over 10 million viewers, making it one of the highest rated dramas on television.

In anticipation for the UK premiere of Scandal series three, Frankly My Dear UK has put together a quick recap of the key events from season one to tickle your tastebuds.

Gladiators in Suits: Olivia Pope & Associates

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is a former White House Communications Director who runs her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates. As a professional “fixer”, its Olivia’s job to protect the public images of the nation’s elite by making their problems disappear. Throughout the series, we watch Olivia and her team (Harrison, Abby, Huck, Quinn and Stephen) tackle all sorts of cases, from rape and murder, to high-class prostitution and corporate propaganda. But no matter how hard Olivia tries, she cannot escape her past.

Enter the White House…

The White House: The Grant Administration

The true story of Scandal is Olivia Pope’s relationship with the President of the United States. Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant (Tony Goldwyn) is a man who is used to getting what he wants and what he wants, is Olivia. At the start of the season, it’s easy to dislike to the President. He’s moody, he’s pushy and he’s cheated on his wife and children. But as the season progresses, Shonda Rhimes’ love story truly comes to life and we almost start to understand his relationship with Olivia. By the end of the season, we’ve forgotten about the endless fighting, the sex tape and his ‘other affair’ with a White House aide, and are actually rooting for them to together. Who would have thought it?

The Scandal: Amanda Tanner

The ‘scandal’ of season one is undoubtedly Amanda Tanner. The former White House employee (Liza Weil) claims she has been sleeping with the President and that she’s pregnant with his child. Despite her former attachment to the President, Olivia agrees to represent the Amanda but as she’s working on the case, Amanda is kidnapped from Olivia’s house and is later found dead in a river. The world thinks she committed suicide but we know better than that. The real question is who gave the order?

The Mystery: Quinn Perkins

The mystery of season one is Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes), the newest recruit to Pope & Associates. When Quinn is offered a job by Harrison in the pilot episode, we’re left wondering how this shy, fresh faced lawyer can possibly fit into the fast and frantic storyline of Scandal.  It’s only when Quinn meets a reporter named Gideon that the true story slowly starts to unravel. The season ends with the team rushing to help Quinn when she finds herself in a compromising position at Gideon’s apartment. We’re left wondering who is Quinn and why is Olivia helping her?

The Villain: Billy Chambers

The villain of season one is Billy Chambers, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff. Matt Letscher plays the role flawlessly, wooing us all with his charming one-liners and dashing smile. But Billy isn’t all that he seems. The story takes a dramatic turn when he turns nasty on Gideon (Quinn’s new boyfriend) resulting in the jaw dropping scene of the series. And just when you think it’s all over, Billy makes a public announcement that shakes the Grant Administration, The White House and Olivia to the core. Who said politics was boring?

If you missed any of episodes from season one of Scandal, catch up at ABC’s website.

And if all that drama has got you wanting more, we’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of season two, just in time for the start of season three.

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