Film Review: A Dozen Summers

A Dozen Summers 1

A Dozen Summers is a light-hearted, funny and entertaining coming-of-age comedy

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, funny family film to keep the children entertained this summer, check out A Dozen Summers. 

A Dozen Summers is a coming-of-age comedy about two twelve-year-old girls trying to make sense of life in the 21st century. It follows Maisie and Daisy McCormack, twin sisters who inadvertently hijack a children’s adventure film and proceed to tell the story of their own lives...

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Book Review: Picture Perfect by Kate Forster

New Picture Perfect

Escape to Hollywood in Kate Forster’s new novel Picture Perfect

Fans of Kate Forster are sure to love Picture Perfect, the scintillating new novel that’s jam packed full of sex, secrets and scandal.

Picture Perfect follows three women, a Hollywood agent, a veteran actress and a young hopeful who get swept up in the search for actress who will score the role of a lifetime. Powerful, light-hearted and emotional, Picture Perfect boasts everything you could want from a good chic-lit novel; roman...

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Film Review: Ant-Man

Marvel's Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2015

Marvel’s Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2015

Marvel Studios strike gold again with Ant-Man

It seems like Marvel can do no wrong at the moment. Following the success of Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier this year (the third-highest-grossing film of 2015), the studios appear to have struck gold again with the release of Ant-Man.

Armed with a super-suit that can shrink in size, Ant-Man tells the story of con-man Scott Lang, who must embrace his inner hero to pull...

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Film Review: Desert Cathedral – MANIFF 2015

Desert Cathedral

Desert Cathedral makes UK Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

Desert Cathedral is a very emotionally challenging film to watch not just because of the subject matter of suicide but also because this happens to be based on a true story, made to feel even more real by the VHS archival footage integrated throughout the film.

Beautifully shot and directed by Travis Gurtiérrez Senger, Desert Cathedral is a captivating story about the 1992 disappearance into the Southwestern desert of Peter C...

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Film Review: Sidewalk Traffic – MANIFF 2015

Sidewalk Traffic

Sidewalk Traffic makes UK Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

Making its UK premiere at the 2015 Manchester Film Festival is Sidewalk Traffic, a drama comedy about the harsh world of independent filmmaking.

Directed and written by Anthony L. Fisher, Sidewalk Traffic tells the story of Declan (Johnny Hopkins), a struggling 30 year old filmmaker and new father who is squeezed out of a promotion...

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Film Review: Buskin’ Blues – MANIFF 2015

Buskin Blues

Buskin’ Blues makes UK Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

Buskin’ Blues is an oral history documentary film that follows the buskers of one town in North Carolina, Asheville.

The small mountain town has a large sub culture of street buskers and performers. This is a major element to the areas tourism and can bring great profits to those that go out and get it.

After a morning film makers discussion with the director Erin Derham, the film promised to be a great insight into a world of bus...

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Film Review: UK Dramatic Shorts – MANIFF 2015

Doc Shorts MANIFF

UK Dramatic Shorts at MANIFF 2015

Vikki Rutter reviews five UK dramatic shorts that made the official short film selection at the 2015 Manchester Film Festival


English Premiere
Director: Greg Hemphill

The premiere screening outside of its Native Scotland, Gasping follows a man (Frankie Boyle) who after a life of drinking and partying, is presented with an ultimatum. One that it was obvious he would fail despite every effort to succeeded.

The short did get a few chuckles but was...

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Film Review: Love Is Now – MANIFF 2015

Love Is Now

Love Is Now makes UK Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

From the outset, this on the road love story from Director Jim Lounsbury (The Fragment) is so much more than that. With complex interesting characters, a well thought out script, and stunning cinematography, Love Is Now is very much an artistic journey of love.

We start with a photographer, lacking in self-belief and motivation, called Dean (Eamon Farren) trying to find his way in life working out of a picture frame shop in down to...

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Film Review: Two Down – MANIFF 2015

Two Down

Two Down makes UK Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

With 71 films making their UK and world premiere at the inaugural Manchester Film Festival, it takes a special kind of film to stand out from the crowd. Tipped as one of the highlights is Two Down, a dark comedy about deception, deceit and unlikely friendships in a hitman’s final hours...

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Film Review: Many Beautiful Things – MANIFF 2015

Many Beautiful Things

Many Beautiful Things makes World Premiere at 2015 Manchester Film Festival

Lilias Trotter (1853-1928) was a budding talented and mainly self-taught artist who gave up the chance of fame and fortune for a life of obscurity because of her passion to serve God and to help the poor and needy. Many Beautiful Things is a film about the life of Lilias and explores, to an extent, the relationship between the artist and the famous Victorian Art Critic and social philosopher, John Ruskin.

The detail abo...

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