Comedy Review: Justin Moorhouse: PEOPLE AND FEELINGS

Following a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Justin Moorhouse brings his latest tour PEOPLE AND FEELINGS to Salford’s The Lowry.

Best known for his slots on LIVE AT THE APOLLO, THE NEWS QUIZ and FIGHTING TALK, as well as his role as Young Kenny in PETER KAY’S PHOENIX NIGHTS, Justin Moorhouse has fast become one of the most popular comedians on the Northern comedy circuit.

PEOPLE AND FEELINGS marks Moorhouse’s biggest tour to date and sees the stand-up comic take to the stage to discuss – you guessed it – people and feelings. Strolling onto stage ringing a large bell (because a 30 second music clip is too expensive), Moorhouse starts by making a bold statement, telling the audience that unlike other comedians who tell untrue ‘funny thing happened on the way here’ style stories, he promises to tell nothing but the truth in the next 75 minutes. And we believe him.

The vast majority of the show focuses on stories of growing up and growing old. At 46 years old, the northern comedian isn’t afraid to admit that he’s in the middle of a mid-life crisis, spending his days embarrassing his teenage son and constantly searching for a toilet. A section on how personalised number plates have no function other than to show off the wealth of the car owner goes down particularly well, as do a few topical jokes on Brexit and Donald Trump.
The second half of the show sees Moorhouse entertain with memories from his own childhood with the biggest laughs coming from the games and pranks he played as a child. The material here is a little silly but Moorhouse has a knack for turning an otherwise mundane situation it into a hilarious piece of storytelling with vivid characters and great comic ‘Northernisms’.

But what really makes Moorhouse’s act so entertaining is his no-frills, big-hearted delivery. The northern charmer is effortlessly friendly and engaging. Even when he insults the audience (a lorry driver on the front row and a 12 year old lad sat with his parents copped for most of the jokes), it is difficult to take offence, the comedian winning over the audience with his cheeky smile and boyish charm.

If you’re a fan of Moorhouse’s previous material, you’re sure to enjoy PEOPLE AND FEELINGS.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Justin Moorhouse: PEOPLE AND FEELINGS performed at The Lowry on 11 December 2016