Comedy Review: Ed Byrne SPOILER ALERT – The Lowry, Salford

Ed Byrne SPOILER ALERT UK Tour Banner

Ed Bryne brings his usual energy and sharp wit to the stage in his new show SPOILER ALERT

MOCK THE WEEK star Ed Byrne brings his latest tour to The Lowry, providing a lighthearted, enjoyable night for all.

The show’s title, SPOILER ALERT, is a reference to how spoiled he believes his two sons are. He recites anecdotes that any parent can relate to, detailing how they have so much more than he had as a child. However he also mentions that he is rather spoiled himself, with a happy family, doing a job that he loves, travelling the world making documentaries with Dara O’Brien or, as his wife would call it, a free holiday.

Byrne brings his usual energy to the stage and The Lowry was packed full providing a great atmosphere. His 25 years of experience has allowed Byrne to hone his skill, so his comic timing and delivery are near perfect. His time on panel shows, most notably MOCK THE WEEK, mean that audience interaction and improvisation always provide ample opportunity for his sharp wit to shine. He would always react to things going on around him such as a woman on her phone or a stray piece of confetti, which distracted the whole audience and provided Byrne with a chance to riff.

That’s one of the great things about this show. You feel as if seeing it again would not be exactly the same. It isn’t too slick and polished and feels chatty and personal. References to previous gigs in the tour made it feel like you knew him well, and throwbacks to earlier jokes tied everything nicely together. It flowed nicely whilst feeling fresh.

Most of his jokes were probably more relatable to parents and people his age, but there wasn’t a dull moment and it was an entertaining night for everyone.

3 out of 5 stars

Ed Byrne SPOILER ALERT tours nationally until June 2018.