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Theatre Review: Northern Ballet’s THE GREAT GATSBY – The Lowry, Salford

Northern Ballet THE GREAT GATSBY

Northern Ballet deliver a new and fresh twist to a classical ballet with THE GREAT GATSBY

4 out of 5 stars

The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald. A story a majority of us know and love. The classic American novel about the mysterious millionaire who has an affinity for lavish parties and good-looking women. Set in the 1920s, Gatsby’s exotic lifestyle is twisted by his loneliness, obsession and pre-war time memories and lest we not forget, the ever-dazzling Daisy Buchanan.

Northern Ballet take to the stage i...

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Theatre Review: HOME, I’M DARLING – The Lowry, Salford

Katherine Parkinson as Judy in HOME, I'M DARLING

Katherine Parkinson as Judy in HOME, I’M DARLING. Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan

E-bay, the internet and mobile phones meet the 1950s in HOME, I’M DARLING

3 out of 5 stars

Laura Wade’s witty comedy brings to life one woman’s desire to be the perfect 1950s housewife in a world where fetching her husband’s slippers and descaling the taps with lemon juice is all part of the daily routine.

The married couple decide to take on a nostalgic way of life, immersing themselves in a fantasy world which slowly seems t...

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Theatre Review: JERSEY BOYS – Opera House, Manchester


Four guys, four stories, one unforgettable musical, JERSEY BOYS certainly lives up to the hype

West End and Broadway extravaganza JERSEY BOYS tells the remarkable tale of four ordinary boys from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey who went on to sell 100 million records worldwide.

Frankie Valli, Tommy De Vito, Nick Massi and Bob Gaudio take us on a feel-good ride through the trials and tribulations of their lives as they write their own songs, create their own unique sounds and climb to...

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Theatre Review: THE MAIDS – HOME, Manchester

Danny Lee Wynter (the Mistress) and Jake Fairbrother (Claire) in THE MAIDS at HOME Manchester. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

Danny Lee Wynter and Jake Fairbrother in THE MAIDS at HOME Manchester. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

Violently deluded yet brilliantly captivating, THE MAIDS is a dark twisted tale that is bold and unforgettable

Bringing a whole new pallet of colours to the show, director Lily Sykes refreshes THE MAIDS into a story which changes the notion of gender roles and contemporary ideas and steals our attention with intensity, dark humour and a delusional mix of fantasy and reality.

French playwright Jean Gen...

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Theatre Review: CLOD ENSEMBLE: PLACEBO – The Lowry, Salford

CLOD ENSEMBLE: PLACEBO. Photo Credit: Camilla Greenwell

CLOD ENSEMBLE: PLACEBO. Photo Credit: Camilla Greenwell

Infectious movement becomes the medicine in this catchy dance experiment – or is it just another placebo?

The placebo effect is defined as being the positive outcome of using a fake drug or treatment, which has no actual beneficial properties other than the patient’s own beliefs that it does.

In a clever and somewhat manipulative way, director Suzy Willson recreates this process by using interdisciplinary dance performances on the stage t...

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Theatre Review: AWFUL AUNTIE – Opera House, Manchester

Inventive and lighthearted, AWFUL AUNTIE has the little ones giggling right from the very start

In this David Walliam’s book-turned-stage play, 12-year-old Stella finds herself waking up from a coma as an orphan and under the care of her Aunt Alberta who is far from nice. In a crazy series of events, Stella befriends the ghost of the house, Soot, and tries to escape from the clutches of her evil Aunt, who she discovers is to blame for the death of her parents, and her Bavarian owl, Wagner.


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Music Review: Thank You For The Music – The Lowry, Salford

Thank You For The Music ABBA Tribute

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC is the ultimate tribute to ABBA, recreating the sounds, sights and unforgettable hits of the Swedish pop group

Mamma Mia – what a performance! A blast from the past recreating ABBA’s number one hits with bright lights, flashy outfits and unforgettable voices.

The Swedish pop group from the 1970’s and early 80’s, ABBA, have created a legacy that not many will forget with number one hits from ‘Waterloo’ to ‘Super Trouper’, their songs have long been played and turned i...

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Nigel Slater's TOAST Review: A phenomenal piece of British nostalgia which brings more than just a single memory to the stage

Lizzie Muncey and Sam Newton in TOAST.

Lizzie Muncey and Sam Newton in TOAST. Photo Credit: The Other Richard

Nigel Slater’s TOAST is a phenomenal piece of British nostalgia which brings more than just a single memory to life on stage

The theme for the second of The Lowry’s Week 53 Festival is ‘coming of age’ and TOAST, an interactive trip down memory lane which explores the childhood of one of Britain’s favourite foodies, Nigel Slater, couldn’t be more fitting.

Adapted from Nigel Slater’s book ‘Toast – The Story of a Boy’s H...

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Theatre Review: THE JUNGLE BOOK – The Lowry, Salford

The Jungle Book UK Tour

Keziah Joseph as Mowgli and the cast of THE JUNGLE BOOK. Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan

Jessica Swale’s riveting and vivacious twist on Rudyard Kipling’s classic THE JUNGLE BOOK brings the life and soul of the jungle to Salford’s The Lowry

Rudyard Kipling’s THE JUNGLE BOOK has been retold in many different ways over the years, with Walt Disney’s 1967 animated film and, more recently, the live action film from 2016, in particular, standing out as favourites...

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THE WINSLOW BOY Review: Rachel Kavanaugh's revival of Terrance Rattigan's 1946 play is a thrilling legal drama which has have you gripped from the start


Rachel Kavanaugh’s revival of Terrance Rattigan’s A WINSLOW BOY is a thrilling legal drama which explores the ages of time, the courts of justice and a close-knit family’s relationship

Written by Terrance Rattigan in 1946, THE WINSLOW BOY tells the story of a family’s fight for their son who has been accused of stealing and cashing a five-shilling (25p) postal order...

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