TV Series Preview: Crisis – Watch, Friday 2 January at 9pm


Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney star in gripping new US drama Crisis

US drama Crisis makes its UK premiere on Watch on Friday 2nd January and boy, is it good!

Starring Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney, Crisis tells the story of the world’s most powerful people who are brought to their knees when their beloved children are kidnapped.

We had a sneak peek of the brand new and exclusive US series, which make its UK premiere on UKTV channel Watch on Friday 2nd January, earlier this week and we’re already hooked.

The series starts with the students of Ballard High preparing for a field day trip. As their parents drop them off at school, it is clear that these are the children of some powerful people, from top CEOs to international diplomats, political power players and even the President’s son Kyle.

But things quickly turn sour when their school bus is ambushed and the teenagers and their chaperones are kidnapped, igniting a national crisis. How far will the country’s most powerful parents go to ensure their child’s safe return?

Gillian Anderson is on top form as hyper-cool CEO Meg Fitch whose daughter Amber is amongst the hostages. Between her role as Stella Gibson in The Fall and her fabulous performance as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire at London’s Young Vic Theatre, the American actress is hot property at the moment.

Dermot Mulroney as Francis Gibson, the ex-CIA analyst among the hostages, and Lance Gross as Marcus Findley, an idealistic secret service agent who finds himself at the epicentre of the crisis on his first day on the job, are equally good.

With nowhere to turn and no one to trust, the unthinkable grows as the parents go to desperate measures to keep their children safe, putting an entire nation at stake.

Set your recording devices now, you won’t want to miss this!

Crisis premieres on UKTV channel Watch on Friday 2nd January at 9pm