Turntable London Opens Its Doors With Gusto For First Time

Turntable Launch

Turntable London, the City’s newest restaurant/cocktail bar, opened its doors with gusto for the first time last night. Joe Newell was there to find out more…

Billed as “a new restaurant concept” fusing South Asian street food with “an ambience of electric soul, Motown funk, Old School hip hop and RnB music” it’s clear that owner Suresh Sivignanam has put his heart and soul into this project; and, in many ways, his labour of love has paid off for him. Good simple grub and friendly staff were what stood out to me – a winning formula for any new restaurant surely?

However, I do fear Turntable London may be trying to do just a little too much. Is it a restaurant? Is it a club? Is it a cocktail bar? I’m not really sure and, if I’m being brutally honest, it’s not quite mastered any of them just yet. That said, it is still early days…Turntable 1

Situated on the fringes of the City, its opening hours would suggest it’s aiming to draw in the thirsty banking crowd before their commute home. However, with some borderline ostentatious decor perhaps best described as bachelor-pad-chic and some rather questionable cocktails on the menu, it may find the competition to entice that crowd rather fierce.

I don’t want to be too down about Turntable London as I left genuinely wanting this bar/restaurant/club (whatever it decides to be) to succeed. If it sticks to what it’s good at (which in my humble opinion is the food and service) and works a little harder to avoid the tack-factor then it could be a gem of a place to chill out after work.

Turntable London is located at 7-9 Norwich Steer, London, EC4A 1EJ