Trick or Treat Film

Best-made plans don’t quite turn out as expected in TRICK OR TREAT, an interesting story of male mental health, brotherly trust and escapism

4.5 out of 5 stars

Released on Amazon, Sky & iTunes, TRICK OR TREAT is an independent new British film with a brilliant cast of well-known faces and has picked up awards at international film festivals.

Starring Kris Marhsall ( LOVE ACTUALLY); Hugo Speer (THE FULL MONTY); Jason Flemyng ( LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS); and Frances Barber (MISTER HOLMES). It also stars real-life brothers Craig Kelly (QUEER AS FOLK) and Dean Lennox Kelly (SHAMELESS) appearing on screen together for the first time.

The film follows Greg Kielty (Craig Kelly) a man struggling to come to terms with his lot in life. What has his life become? A new dad, who’s old life of raving and working in music has swapped to that of a husband, out of work and spending his time looking after a newborn, the relentless, sleepless, repeat, of wash, cook, clean, nappy, bottle it’s enough to drive anyone to distraction, but when his world is blown apart with the return of his estranged brother is the grass really greener on the other side?

Trick or Treat Film

Set in Blackpool on a Halloween eve, TRICK OR TREAT is a triumph for Director of Photography Maeve O’Connell who with a hardworking crew and edit team has produced some stunning views of Blackpool. It’s easy to paint the town as dark and dingy but even though this film is dark it moves past the stereotypical view and shows a very clean colourful setting in which to explore the films key plot lines.

Exploring male mental health and the epidemic of suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and the cause of 18 deaths every day, and the way it affects not just the sufferer but those around them, and when their best intentions don’t quite pan out you get a dark funny at times film with an “inside No.9” twist.

As a local boy, it was very important to lead actor and producer Craig Kelly that the film was set in Blackpool for him there is no town like it in Britain and it provided the perfect backdrop for this story.

The film weaves together the glitz and grime of Blackpool and an unexpected journey into a seedy and savage underworld that exists in plain sight, or does it? Accepting our role in life doesn’t mean we are any less than what we were. Just we shouldn’t lose the person we once were, you can escape the temptations of your old life and embrace a new one if you want to but maybe those around you aren’t who you think they are. What role are they playing in your life?

Trick or Treat Film

This is the first time real-life brothers Craig and Dean have appeared on screen together, and the brotherly bond is evident, their performance is perfect and completely convincing.

There’s some lovely symbolism with the Skeleton keyring throwing back to the original visitor at the door and the vision appearing around the town. The squeaky pumpkin adds a moment of comedy whilst linking back to Halloween.

TRICK OR TREAT received its world premiere at The Marbella International Film Festival in October 2019 and was incredibly well-received, scooping numerous awards including Best Feature Film, Best Actress for Frances Barber and Best Supporting Actor for Kris Marshall.

TRICK OR TREAT is the first feature written and produced by Geraint Anderson (aka ‘Cityboy’), a former-stockbroker-turned-author, and was partly inspired by his struggles with the financial crisis of 2008, becoming a secret London newspaper columnist, and now living the quiet life in rural Wales.

TRICK OR TREAT is available to buy or rent on Amazon, Sky & iTunes